Apostille/ Authentication of US Academic Credentials for International Use

Globalization of world economy generates movement of people around the World. As a result, educational credentials (school records, grades, transcripts, diplomas or certificates, teacher credentials, etc.) need to be apostille or authenticated for use in various countries for such reasons as work, immigration, study, etc. Due to the importance of this matter some embassies in the United States have opened consulate attachés called “Cultural Mission” in Washington, DC (WDC), which take care of “auditing” and certifying the validity of any US academic document. Some of the cultural mission offices, after receiving the requested documents, contact the schools or universities to verify the validity of the documents.

We at Roca Authentications have processed hundreds of academic degrees through many embassies. Please contact us, preferably by mail, explaining your document needs and we will let you know the best course of action and turnaround time.

US academic credentials intended for use in another country must be certified (Apostille) or authenticated in order to be recognized as valid in the foreign country.

If the country uses the apostille system check out the list of apostille countries then the documents must be notarized by a university public notary and then have it apostille by the secretary of the state where they were issued. There are some cases where academic documents issued in a different state can be notarized and apostille here in the District of Columbia (DC), where we are located.

On the other hand, if the document is going to be used in a non-apostille country then it will have to be authenticated by a US secretary of state and certified by the country’s consulate here in the US.

Academic Document “Authentication” Procedure

  • Document is notarized by a public notary,prferably by a school public notary.
  • Document is authenticated by the secretary of the state where the school is located
  • Authentication by the U.S. Department of State(USDOS) here in Washington, D.C.
  • Embassy consulate authentication of the document

Diploma Authenticate Services for Different Countries

Required Documents China Kuwait Qatar UAE Saudia Arab Egypt
Letter w/contact information (to director or Embassy)
Employment Contract
Copy of passport
Copy of Diploma (Original/Scan) Original/Scan Original Original Original/Scan scan Original
Official Transcripts-sealed envelope
Written consent (Letter authorizing the embassy to)
Letter from University-sealed envelope
Enrollment Verify letter (from School)
Embassy form filled out

RequirementsFor more information and exact requirements click here to access the Chinese embassy website.

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